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Question:  Soul Journey of life appears to be legit. I started to join and got spooked because of the amount of personal information you are requiring. Explain why you need so much information.

Response:  In this regard, Soul Journey of Life is no different than the likes of Facebook, Twitter or any other popular social media platform in that you are asked for specific information when creating your account. You are asked to do the same for most popular social media platforms. The information you put is kept in accordance with the privacy policy and terms of use, which are legally binding on both user and host. You accounts can have as much information as you wish and privacy settings can be adjusted according to your preference. Consider that nobody questions FB with the same regards, even so. Your information is used based upon your privacy settings and agreement to the policies and terms of use. For the most part, they are for your reference and communication with your accounts and that of your friends, family and so forth. In addition, since you are also able to post job and apply for jobs, ads and so on, your information is used accordingly. Your information will never be used contrary to the websites policies or terms of use. I hope this provides a clear answer to your question. If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also review our Policy and Terms of Use by clicking the links provided here. Peace be with you.

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