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Eight Principles of Soul Journey of Life

Our ultimate objective is for the greater unity of our people where ever in the world we might be today. We are one people diverse in and of our selves. We are one community, nation, one race.
We come from various backgrounds of spiritual, religious and philosophical beliefs as a result of the struggle of our life's journey. Notwithstanding, we must extract the common values that we inherit from our paths the intellect and wisdom to work together and support one another with the greater understanding that we are stronger together than apart. We believe in what our leaders, teacher, parents, elders have left us. We embrace and continue to see the goal of their struggle and will not give up, even if we should die in the effort.
To treat each other with fairness and equality. We man and woman are two parts of one body. The right arm no greater than the left, both essential to embracing and carrying the burdens our life has upon us. Each of us are by divine right entitle to respect, honor and protection from any kind of mistreatment or bigotry. When we approach any matter among ourselves, it must be on an even and fair scale.
The cause for us is one cause upon a path that leads to one common objective. Our purpose is the live out our lives, raise our families and cultivate a community that builds towards our objective. In order to restore in us an appreciation of traditional values, the wisdom of our ancestors and the honor of our mothers and fathers, we must restore in our learning the instructive communications and fruitful actions that bring about an upright character in us, and so we build and develop into a great nation once more.
We must get along together to stand together. In every successful community there is established a network of mutual support and understanding. Businesses why competing with each other, recognize their goals are one and the same, enriching the economic growth of the community. What benefits the parts, benefits the whole. We must support each other in our business efforts by spending our wealth among each other. This means that we must have confidence and respect in the services and products we can provide each other, recognizing that our business are just as qualified in not more than any other nation on earth.
Many of us have learned this principle growing up from our elders and community leaders. It is the very standard of what holds up Soul Journey of Life as a social media for our people. We must be willing to take over the narrative and define ourselves from and for ourselves. We must believe in our own life stories. Who we are and what we are about, these definitions must come from ourselves. In addition, we must be willing to speak up,  stand up, act for our own.
We must love one another. There is no other way for us to come together, work together, or live together without there being a love for each other. It begins with our mothers and fathers, then our brothers and sisters and so on. By saying love, it is the same love that we can easily witness throughout the natural world. We can see it in turtles coming together to help one of their own when it finds itself on its back. We can see it in a bird or cat caring for its young. We must see it among ourselves, so much so that when we even see the presence of one another, our first thought is one of love just as we love ourselves, indeed we must love ourselves as well.
Tobe together, we must be able to maintain our communities. We must see that another's suffering is our suffering and should matter to the whole of us. We must work together to be a remedy for each other. We work together and build together creating a community in which we can live in peace together.